All right, all right, but this blog isn’t a self-help blog? Why would I need others? Truth being said, I write based on my personal experiences and lessons I had taken through my life. So on this blog you will find tips that will solve only some problems. Our planet is very big, and it has lots and lots of people living in. This means that there are lots and lots of experiences that I will never have, which of course you may find on other blogs. That’s why I created this article.

Beside this self-help blogs  are a fantastic source of  motivation  and inspiration, which we can harness to  achieve our goals in life. Some will give you ideas of goals, others will provide you with methodologies on how to get there or boost your morale on the way. The only issue is that there are so many of them that you may get over whelmed by information overload. That’s what the purpose of this post is: help you find your way in the blog jungle and offer you a  selection of some of the most interesting self-help blogs out there.

Ready? Let’s dig into this article

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1. Marc and Angel Hack Life

This blog was started by Marc and Angel Chernoff in 2006. Today, it has already over 600 articles, 110,000 email subscribers, and has attracted over 100 million page views. The site has a simple yet powerful style of writing. Most of the blog posts published here are “list type” articles which are easy to read and comprehend. Unlike some others, this blog is not too commercialized, as you will be reading inspiring posts and practical tips for productive living from Marc and Angel, themselves.

2. Zen Habits 

Zen Habits, a very popular blog created by Leo Babauta, is one of the earliest blogs that I’ve been following for inspirations in life. It’s about finding simplicity in the daily chaos of our lives. It’s about clearing the clutter to focus on what’s important, finding happiness and creating something meaningful with our lives. The blog has a minimalist design, which lets you find only the most important pieces of information that you need. Moreover, Leo has already released his blog in the public domain. This means that you are free to reuse it, share it or print it without asking for permission or giving a credit.

3. Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is one of the leading resources for finding peace and happiness, with over 2 million monthly readers. The blog is run by Lori Deschene. Although it’s inspired by the wisdom of Buddha, the site isn’t about religion. It’s about sensible ideas and insights that make a big difference when applied. Here, you’ll find articles and stories about  real happiness, motivation, inspiration, love, relationships,  mindfulness, freedom and simple wisdom for our complex lives.

4. Addicted 2 Success

This blog provides motivational videos, interviews, audio and other resources with your favorite entrepreneurs, life coaches, celebrities and inspirational people from all over the world. It was founded in April 2011 by Joel Brown, an Australian entrepreneur and life design coach who has a long time passion for entrepreneurship, self development and success. So if you’re ready to be addicted to success, check out the blog’s inspiring content.

5. Lifehack

In order to reach your life’s goals, you need to be efficient and follow the straightest line. Lifehack will help you for that. The site is dedicated to  lifehacks, i.e., any advice, resource, tip or trick that will help you get things done more efficiently and effectively. The blog is authored by several lifehack experts who will help you improve all the aspects of your life, including lifestyle, money, health, relationships, work and technology.

6. MindBodyGreen

MindBodyGreen has a holistic approach to wellness. Its mission to “revitalize the way we eat, move and live”. The content is produced by various wellness experts who will provide you practical and insightful conversations about health, nutrition, sports, meditation, happiness, relationships, self growth and personal success. If you want to go further than the blog posts, they sell video courses such as “The essential guide to meditation”, “The art of living with purpose”, or “Eat your way to your best body”.

7. Michael Hyatt 

To achieve your goals, you have to learn leadership, particularly self-leadership. Michael Hyatt’s personal blog will help you influence yourself as well as other people. Here, you will find articles, podcasts and interviews about leadership, personal development, productivity and other topics that will help you achieve your personal, professional and business goals.

8. The Positivity Blog

Negativity, self-doubts and fear are hindrances to one’s journey to personal success. If you want to create more happiness and look at your life in a more positive way, then The Positivity Blog is for you. The blog was founded by Henrik Edberg of Sweden. Since 2006, he has already written practical tips, newsletters and created courses about simplifying life, getting rid of stress, and improving social skills, self-esteem, happiness and awesomeness.

9. Dumb Little Man

I don’t know where the “Dumb Little Man” name came from. The author doesn’t know it either. But one thing is for sure, this blog is a great source of information about productivity, exceeding goals, automation and finding a simpler way for everything. The site was created and written by a man who uses the pen name Jay White. Today, the site has already been publishing posts from other authors, who have been also featured and published on sites such as The New York Times, Washington Post and Huffington Post.

10. Pick the Brain

Pick the Brain is a  self-help blog  dedicated to self-improvement with a focus on personal productivity,  motivation, self education, psychology and philosophy (that should be broad enough!). The site is not your traditional “self-help” blog, as it takes a broader approach and covers anything that is related to making the lives of people more prosperous. So if you want to read unconventional posts and tips about growing yourself and achieving your goals, don’t forget Pick the Brain to include in your list.

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11. Live Bold and Bloom

You have to live boldly and bloom wildly to chase your dreams and achieve your goals. That’s what Barrie Davenport, creator of Live Bold and Bloom, wants to inspire you to do. The site publishes practical and realistic strategies that will push you out of your comfort zone and help you uncover your passion, build self-confidence, learn new habits, and have healthy and happy relationships with the people you love the most. What a program!

12. The Happiness Project

Add a little more happiness and effective habits to ensure your way to personal success. You can join Gretchen Rubin in her daily adventures and pursuit of happiness and habits in her popular blog, The Happiness Project. Gretchen Rubin is a New York Times bestseller author and one of the most influential writers on habits and happiness. Her style is light and pleasant and her approach pragmatic, not scientific.

13. Advanced Life Skills

This blog was created by Jonathan Wells who considers himself a student of life. He worked with athletes and realized that discipline was a pleasure for them while it is a pain for most people. His goal is therefore to “allow you to make simple adjustments in your core beliefs and eliminate internal disharmony” such that you are mentally ready to commit to your goals.

14. Brian Tracy Blog

Brian Tracy has been consulted by more than 1,000 companies and has addressed more than 5 million people in talks and seminars worldwide to help them achieve their goals. Serious pedigree! I have discovered Brian Tracy thanks to his famous quotes about inspiration and personal development. But his blog will also give you tips for achieving your business, professional and personal goals.

15. Think Simple Now

Success in life is challenging. It requires patience, hard work and persistence. However, that doesn’t mean it’s complicated. Quite the contrary instead. This is what Think Simple Now want to teach its readers: understand that life is really simple. Tina Su founded the site, which consistently provides people with motivational and practical advice that we can actually apply to our daily life to live simply and happily.

16. The Art of Non-Conformity

Be extraordinary and battle against conventional beliefs. If you want to reach your full potential, the Art of Non-Conformity Blog by Chris Guillebeau will help you do remarkable things. This site is a home for unconventional people who want to do that little extra. It’s smart and original, we like it. The blog focuses essentially on life, work and travel. The site also shares stories of how to change the world by achieving personal goals while helping others at the same time.

17. Prolific Living

Prolific Living’s mission is to help you unlock your creative genius and live your dream life. Farnoosh Brock, the founder of this site, wants you to live your truth, breathe it, and share it with the world without being afraid or ashamed. So if you want to be empowered, unlock the power within you, and achieve your life’s goals, check it out.

18. The Change Blog

The Change Blog was created by Peter Clemens. It’s a community blog that publishes stories from people about personal change. In other words, the blog is about the stories of different people who will inspire you to make change, find happiness and meaning in life. So if you want to start changing your life and become the best you can be, the Change Blog should be in your bucket list.

19. Becoming Minimalist

The clutter in your home (physical) and in your life (mental) distract you from reaching your personal goals. Society seems to tell you that being is having. That makes you blind to the most important pursuits in your life. Minimalism is the realization that actually less is more. Joshua Becker will show you in his blog how to get rid of the noise and clutter in our lives to discover what our heart truly desires.

20. Four Hour Work Week

Timothy Ferriss has been listed as one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People”. He has written hugely popular self-help books like  The Four-Hour Workweek  or  The Four-Hour Chef. His has a lively and addictive writing style, made with a patchwork of tips, personal anecdotes, useful resources, and basic philosophy. The blog explores some of his ideas on designing the life you want, not working too much and building skills in no time. Have a look!

There you are. I hope that you have found something there that will guide you on your way to personal development and excellence. If you know or find any other self-help blogs that are inspiring and help us achieve our goals in life, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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