Sometimes we doubt ourselves. And we tell ourselves that “I always go from the lake to the well, as if the problems never end”. The previous words are from a message I received these days from a reader.

And because it’s a topic that interests a lot of people, I’ve gathered 23 ideas below – signs that you’re doing better than you thought.

You will see that you are on the right track and that the reality is better than it seems. Because it’s about perception and how you compare yourself.

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Someone should tell us, as soon as we are born, that we will die. Then maybe we’ll start living life to the fullest, every minute of the day. Do it! I tell you. Whatever you want to do, do it now!

  1. You are no longer the same man he was 5 years ago. Or 1 year ago. A sign that you have changed and evolved.
  2. You have someone with whom you can share common memories. There are one – or more – people you can talk to about the past. And what the future holds for you.
  3. If you talked to the man you were 10 years ago, you could say, “We got over it, we overcame that problem that we thought was going to kill us.” He didn’t kill you, he just made you stronger.
  4. You can breathe at any time of the day. Although it seems obvious, there are people who can’t do it without a device next to them.
  5. You have a house, you have a roof over your head. To which you return every night. Not all people have.
  6. You are relatively healthy, and if you get sick you have a maximum chance of getting back on your feet in a reasonable period of time. You can breathe freely, you can stand up at any time.
  7. You have access to Facebook and you waste time there… just check from time to time what is happening there. More seriously, you have access to the internet and you can find the answer to any question you have in just a few moments.
  8. There is at least one person who cares about you and wants to hear how you are doing. Which you can call, which you can talk to. You have friends.
  9. You’ve been through some difficult situations. And you survived. If you haven’t passed yet, you will inevitably pass. Remember that Often the hardest thing is to get started – Just Do it
  10. You are able to read and have hundreds of thousands of books and other materials at hand.
  11. You have the time and resources to do more than just survive every day. Slowly or quickly – at your own pace – you evolve.
  12. You can choose what clothes to wear today and what not to wear.
  13. There are things that you like, that you are passionate about, that make you smile. Life pulsates in you and you are more than professional obligations.
  14. You live in a country where you can receive free basic medical care, if you need it. Yes, I mean Romania. And if they seem weak to you, compare them with the medical services of some African countries.
  15. You broke up relationships, you gave up negative people around you. Although it was painful, you made room in your life for something else and decided to change what no longer had its place there.
  16. You refuse to let the judgments of others intimidate you. You do not accept to live life in the terms of others, but in your own terms.
  17. You are alive. Live. And you can enjoy it, if you have not lost that joy.
  18. You have time – even occasionally – to do what you love. You can listen to music, go out with friends, you can choose how and where to spend your time tonight.
  19. You have a family. There are people you call your family.
  20. You can stand up right now, if you want. And you can go for a walk in the nearby park.
  21. You ate in the morning. And don’t worry if you eat tonight. And when you eat, you enjoy the taste of food, you don’t just do it to survive. Did you think it was hard for you?
  22. You believe in the potential that exists in you and that the years to come will bring you the best part of your life.
  23. You are reading this article. Which means you’re on the right way!

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In fact, I said above that it all comes down to terms of comparison. When we compare ourselves to something higher than ourselves (or at least that we perceive as superior to ourselves) and dislike that we are not there, we will tend to think that we are doing badly.

But when we change the terms and compare ourselves with something we have evolved from… everything changes and we put ourselves in a favorable light. Hence the only conclusion here: form the habit of remembering only past successes, not failures.

Now it’s your turn

What are 3 signs that you are doing better than you thought? Tell us your opinion, leave a comment on this article.

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