These apartment manners are designed to help you from an etiquette and manners point of view. I think we have all had neighbors that we wish we could have moved out. These manner tips will prevent others from feeling that way about you!

1. Mind Your Music

Believe it or not, every one does not appreciate the same level of loudness of your music. Even if the volume level is appropriate, not every one likes the same type of music you do. 

The polite thing to do is to keep the volume at an acceptable level that does not make an impact on others. It has been my experience that most apartment walls are quite thin. Keep that in mind with your music.

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2. Party Rules

Parties tend to be one of the topics that really frustrates other people about apartment etiquette. There is nothing wrong with having a party while living in an apartment complex. The key is to do it right so that you do not offend your neighbors. 

The first thing you need to understand is that you need to communicate with your neighbors before the party. Let them know that you are going to have a party and give them an idea of the hours of the party. Tell them that you are going to be respective of the noise level. Also, leave the door open for the neighbor to come tell you if it gets too loud. 

If you are really worried about the noise being an issue for the neighbors, the next best thing would be to invite the neighbors to the party so that they do not have to be annoyed by the noise. This may or may not work depending on your neighbors, but it can be a great solution for these apartment renting tips. 

3. Carry Proper Insurance

What does insurance have to do with property manners and etiquette? I have seen plenty of fights between tenants and landlords over any kind of damage. Renters need to understand that the insurance carried by the landlord is for the building and not the personal property in the building. 

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Carrying a renters policy for the property inside the apartment will prevent any kind of uncomfortable issue between the tenant and the landlord. These kinds of policies are extremely affordable and a good idea.

4. Banging On Walls

This is an etiquette faux pas. Even if you are doing something as simple as hanging a picture on a wall, it is a sure fire way to irritate your neighbors. Even if they are being loud, banging on the wall is only going to make both of you more frustrated. 

The simple answer is communication. The more you can talk to your neighbors and understand each other, the better your relationship will be. 

5. Do Something Kind

Most of the apartment renting tips have focused on things NOT to do. Doing something kind for someone else will be something that they remember you for. It could be as simple as opening a door for them, holding an elevator, or taking them some cookies. 

It is really hard for people to be mean and nasty when you are doing something polite for them. This simple step goes a long way to not only making strong relationships with your neighbors, but they will make more of an effort to reciprocate the kindness. 

The bottom-line of proper apartment etiquette is to be the kind of neighbor that you would like to have and things usually work out for the best.

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