No matter how many times or how often you make love, the desire to continue does not fade, especially if you have the opportunity to try other unusual locations. The goal is to find unique places to have sex to add more sensuality and fantasy to love encounters.

You can have sex with your partner in the car, on the beach or in a boat… Creativity opens the way to the safe and mutual pleasure you are looking for.

Choosing unique places to have sex spices the passionate moments spent in the company of your partner. Intimate moments should not be limited to the ordinary bed in the bedroom. There are many other exciting places that combine three basic elements: adrenaline, surprise and spontaneity. Why not move to a new setting that gives you unexpected sensations?

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Today I’ll present to you 5 unique places to have sex with your partner so as not to let the “flame” between you go out. Unleash your imagination, desire and passion.

1. In the pool

Pool sex can be an incredible erotic experience. The play and the element of surprise of the whole situation ensure unforgettable passionate moments. The lubrication and friction created by the water can bring you to the heights of pleasure faster.

However, maintaining intimate relationships in the pool is a viable option for stable couples who can have unprotected sex. Water and condoms do not go well together.
As a result of agitation and movement, the condom may fall.

2. In the dressing room

Be bold: try sex in mixed test booths. They are separated by a door, so you can enjoy unforgettable passionate moments, while other people try on clothes in the other cabins. In such a location, there are several exciting elements: mirrors, space, chairs, light and danger.

You need to keep certain things in mind so that they are not discovered. First of all, only the feet of one of you should be visible. In addition, you need to choose a suitable position so as not to attract the attention of others.

Exit the cabin one at a time. Later, you can buy new clothes with a satisfied expression on your face.

3. In the car

Cars are our favorite means of transportation in everyday life. Why not include this space in the list of unique places to have sex?

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Many people have the fantasy of having sex in the car. Nobody stays to watch what’s going on inside a car. Besides the fact that it is romantic to spend intimate moments in this setting, it is also exciting.

If you are a shy person, beware of the curious who find pleasure in watching such an erotic “show”. He waits for dusk and parks the car on a dark street.

4. In the bathroom of a local

When you go out with your partner in the city, you probably enter certain places as well. At some point, you may feel that the atmosphere is heating up and that you want to unleash your passion. See the bathroom and… the magic happens.

In the bathrooms of bars and nightclubs there is music, noise, chaos and no one knows who is coming and who is leaving. These are the ideal place to have sex with your partner.

5. On the beach

The beach is a small paradise where you can isolate yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With a little imagination, you can turn this romantic setting into an erotic one.

If you are looking for unique places to have sex, the beach is an excellent option. In addition to the freshness and simplicity that this location offers, there is also the advantage of synchronizing the rhythm of the passion with the water waves.

Choose a less crowded beach that you both like. When the tide is low, enjoy unique moments of passion by the sea.

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