Everyone dreams of that “comfort”, a financial and moral state in which you can afford almost anything you want. In addition, it compares absolutely nothing with the feeling of success when we look back and see that we have developed personally, that we have climbed higher and higher on the ladder of life.

But how can we reach a level where we can afford everything we want? How can we evaluate and monitor our personal development? In this article I will try to answer these questions and highlight the things that each of us should pursue in this regard.

Areas of comfort and discomfort are areas where each of us is in our lives, in fact they are areas where we are constantly migrating, on our way to success. To make it as easy as possible to understand, let’s look at each area separately.

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Comfort zone

You have been working on your current job for some time, and during all this time you have gained experience, you have learned all the “tricks” that you could learn, so that you can work more efficiently, do your job better. Here is the point where day by day, month by month, you do your job well, you deliver the expected results easily, because you know exactly how to do it.

When we are in this area, we have:

middle or low attitude, we are not very excited about what we do, because we are already used to it. We no longer find that “love” from the beginning
the level of knowledge is high, following the experience gained in this position
Each of us reaches the comfort zone at some point, in fact it is an inevitable area, as long as you are a man who is interested in how he does things and who wants to do his job. However, when you are in a comfort zone, it is very likely that you will end up with a ceiling, because you do about the same things every day…

Discomfort zone

This area appears when you do something new, when you step out of your area of ​​knowledge. Thus, you are somewhat “forced” to think again, to look for solutions to be more efficient and to do your job better.

When we find ourselves in this area, we usually have:

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attitude up, because we learn new things, and that takes us out of the ceiling
low level of knowledge because we have taken on some new responsibilities and now we are starting to learn what to do
The area of ​​discomfort occurs in most cases when we are promoted to the job, to a higher position, when we take another position within the same company or when we change the company / company we work for. It is a time when we need to make the most of it, listen with our ears pricked up and learn as much as possible – we need to be like a sponge that absorbs knowledge.

Moving from the comfort zone to the discomfort zone = DEVELOPMENT

For the reasons listed above, when we move for one reason or another from the comfort zone to the discomfort zone, we develop both personally and professionally. Why?

Because being in this area, we will learn new things and we will have to look for efficiency solutions again, and thus our mind will be more and more trained. In addition, it will be a kind of “refresh” of our lives, it will take us out of our daily routine.

Of course, time will pass, we will learn more and we will find ourselves in the comfort zone again, only now we will have much more knowledge and skills compared to the previous comfort zone. And now will be the time to migrate again to another area of ​​discomfort, an area that will be waiting for us with new things and will once again test our adaptability.

Every new challenge brings with it an experience that we can use in the future, and every experience will be another brick built on the foundation of our lives!

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