Who doesn’t like hugs? In my opinion, hugs are extraordinary and can cause wonderful emotions. But why do we like hugs so much? In this article, I will discuss about the health benefits of hugs. This emotional gesture is beneficial for both those who embrace and those who are embraced.

Hugs can come from anyone: a friend, a family member, a loved one, a life partner, or someone you sympathize with. Hugging is considered one of the main ways to show affection among people. Read this article to discover the health benefits and power of hugs!

The health benefits of hugs

Scientific studies have shown that hugs stimulate the brain to secrete endorphins, which contribute to the healing process and the health of the whole body. In addition, hugs are a form of therapy that generates well-being and can reduce blood pressure or even menstrual pain in women.

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Hugs can also relieve headaches and lower the level of anxiety, stress or depression. They help cultivate self-esteem, calm your nerves, remind you that you are not alone, treat insomnia, help you overcome fear, stimulate your senses, fill you with joy, calm your soul and, according to some, slow down the aging process and help appetite control. Wondering why it’s a good idea to get a hug?

Hugging another person also has physiological benefits. The secretion of the hormone oxytocin is one of them. Oxytocin is known as the attachment hormone and improves the quality of life of people regardless of age. Hugs have so many benefits that “hug therapy” has come to be used to treat depression and other mental disorders.
Hugs also cause the release of serotonin and dopamine, hormones that have a sedative effect on the body. These substances create the feeling of well-being, calm and tranquility. But the most interesting thing is that this effect does not only appear during the hug, but can persist for a long time after physical contact. It is also curious that, according to scientific studies, although hugs and caresses influence both women and men, they have a stronger effect on women.

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Based on Kathleen Keating’s book, “Hug Therapy,” we can say that hugs produce well-being and are essential for children’s mental and intellectual development, helping them to overcome their fears. They are also an anti-aging factor.

Kathleen Keating wrote in her book:

“Physical contact is not only pleasant, but also necessary for mental and emotional comfort, increasing the good mood and health of the individual. Hugging is a special way of touching, which makes you better accept yourself and feel accepted by others. ”

In conclusion: What are the health benefits of hugs?

  • Protection: As human beings, we are fragile and always want to feel protected. Nothing gives us a better sense of protection than hugs.
  • Confidence: If you are confident, do not be afraid to face the challenges that may arise during the day. After a hug, nothing can stop you.
  • Safety: The feeling of security is essential in everyday life. We can say that this is the fuel that generates the confidence we need to achieve our goals.
  • Strength: If you are strong, give energy to those you embrace.

And don’t forget:

Regardless of the meanings of hugs, everyone knows what kind of hugs they give and receive and what their positive psychic effects are. A hug from a friend can simply convey joy, while a hug from a partner can be passionate. No matter the reason, never refuse a hug!

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