Many like to brag that they have sex more than often. But the quality of sexual intercourse matters more than its frequency. In fact, it is never good to associate “more” with “better.” Sometimes people who have sex often feel very dissatisfied.

Sex is not a purely physical matter, although many of us tend to reduce it to a simple act of penetration. In reality, sex has many other important dimensions.

More sex versus better sex

Just because you have more sex, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll feel more satisfied. Frequent sex can be sporadic or become a dull routine. After all, “more” is not synonymous with “better.”

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So what do we need to do to have a more fulfilling sex life? Here are some useful examples:

  • Communication is essential during intercourse. With its help, your partner will be able to share his wishes, so that your sexual experiences will be more pleasant.
  • And generosity is an important factor, even if your partner doesn’t put in as much effort. Don’t be passive, but strive to satisfy your partner.
    That being said, sex should be a pleasurable activity, not an obligation.
  • It is essential that you and your partner choose a comfortable environment in which to have sex. It is not pleasant to have sex in an unfavorable environment. But if you can enjoy and relax together, your experience will be much more intense.
  • Never skip the foreplay. On the contrary, in the absence of this ritual, it will be very difficult for you to have a complete sexual experience. Kisses and caresses are essential to be able to enjoy each other.
  • Another important aspect is the synchronization and the feeling that there is a connection between you. This may mean that, from time to time, you will have to do everything on your own. But without this connection between you, sexual intercourse will be a completely trivial event.
  • And self-confidence is important. This allows us to banish fear and shame from our lives. With self-confidence, we give up hesitation and enjoy quality sex.

More sex in a relationship

A study published in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization revealed some interesting information about the connection between the feeling of happiness in a relationship and sexual intercourse. The researchers who conducted the study met with 64 couples aged between 35 and 65 years. Half of the subjects were asked to continue having sex as often as usual. The rest of the subjects were asked to have sex more often. At the end of the study, it was concluded that those couples who had more sex were no happier than the rest of the subjects. One possible cause of this phenomenon is that they have not given enough time to sexual desire to grow on its own. Thus, their sexual appetite decreased each time. The study revealed something very interesting. More frequent sex does not make us happier and is not necessarily more pleasant. For this reason, it is essential to focus on the quality of sexual intercourse. This is the only way we can have high sexual satisfaction.

Often certain aspects of our relationship scare us. It is natural to feel this way, but this problem can reduce the frequency with which we have sex. At other times, we will fall into the trap of a “sexual routine.” Basically, we will “schedule” certain days to have sex, whether we feel like it or not.

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As you can see, “sexual routines” can become a problem, and can even make us hate sex. We must allow our desires to manifest naturally, without forcing us to follow a strict schedule.

It’s like when we force ourselves to eat because of the schedule, even though we’re not hungry. In the end we balloon and we may even be disillusioned. We don’t enjoy the food we eat and we feel bad because we did something we didn’t want to do.

Every couple is different. Who says you need to have sex once a week? Who says your relationship will suffer if you and your partner have sex only once a month?

Don’t compare yourself to other couples. When it comes to sexual intercourse, it is not good to adopt a strict routine. The effects of such habits can be devastating. Look for “quality” sex, not frequent sex. After all, it is more important to fully enjoy the time you spend with your chosen one.

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