Personal hygiene is a process that is part of the routine for anyone who wants to take care of himself and his appearance. However, many people wonder what this really is, or what actions it entails, and especially what its purpose is. Obviously, this activity should be recurrent and repetitive, not just occasional. The benefits are many and depend on both your appearance and your health. There are some notions that are good to know, but also malleable ways of caring for yourself, which you should not ignore!

In this article, you will learn everything about this topic and some essential ideas and tips for a neat look

Body hygiene: rules and regulations

The rules and norms of care are very important in order to maintain your body cleanliness, but also your health. Often, certain ailments or illnesses are directly influenced by this aspect and by ignoring certain notions and definitions of personal hygiene. If you have doubts about this topic, it is good to keep in mind a few basic things, which will act as a scheme that you can use, whenever you have any questions.

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Here are the most important areas of the body that need constant care:

The hair

The beauty of your hair is essential for a shiny appearance and appreciated by those around you. Whether you have a short or long one, you have to give it time, but also special attention.

Depending on your hair type, choose the right hair care products and tools for you and treat it with the best of intentions. It is recommended to wash it once every 2-3 days – but this also varies depending on the level of sebum secreted by your hair ornament. Notice how fast your thread loads and try to find the optimal time between washes. To avoid dandruff or peels, it is good to observe what kind of scalp you have, so as not to harm it with substances that do not suit it.

If you notice that you have damaged hair or you experience frequent hair loss, try to figure out where this is coming from and fix it. It can be a medical problem or it can be related to the diet or the type of shampoo you use. Usually, your body gives you the signals you need – you just have to pay enough attention to listen to them and interpret them optimally.

Also, do not forget that the hair must be cut once every 1-2 months, to avoid the problem of split ends or a damaged strand. His haircut is very important, because it speeds up the regeneration process and helps his health.

Practice these tips to take care of yourself and your hair ornament!


Teeth are part of the essential parts of your body, which not only have a considerable role in your life, but also require special attention. Their care is a basic aspect of human existence, and modern society helps in this regard – things are much easier to apply, existing interventions are multiple, and the effort you have to put in is minimal.

All you have to do is brush your teeth at least twice a day, in the morning and in the evening. Of course, you can do this several times a day, depending on the diet you have, but also the specifics of your teeth. Fortunately, there are many variants of toothbrushes that you can use, but also other products – such as special toothpaste, dental floss or mouthwash – that should not be missing from your routine.

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Remember that teeth help you most of the time – they come in contact with the food you eat and the liquids you drink. This can influence their health in a positive or negative way, depending on the substances they encounter. In order to avoid their illness, the appearance of cavities or other diseases, it is mandatory to stick to a fixed schedule, which will give them the attention and care they deserve.

The body

Your body “hosts” you every day, so you don’t have to compromise on its hygiene. Taking a shower is an action that is part of your daily routine and certainly has no doubts when it comes to this topic – the more often, the better!

But what can you do to take better care of him? First of all, you need to identify the categories of activities that are good to do. Whether it is about removing body hair, whether it is about moisturizing or skin care, it is necessary to consider all these possibilities in the process of maintaining the health of your body.

It is recommended to use lotions and creams that moisturize your skin, in order to preserve its elasticity and vitality. The perfect time for this action is immediately after the shower, because then the pores are open, and it best captures all the nutrients it needs.

Another thing you can do in the privacy of your own home is to exfoliate your skin. Dead epithelial cells often deposit on the epidermis, so they must be removed by exfoliation procedures. By doing this, it will feel smoother and cleaner!


Maybe you tend to forget about your nails sometimes, or maybe, on the contrary, you pay special attention to them. Whatever the situation, it’s good to know that they have a strong say when it comes to what personal hygiene means. Someone who takes care of his body does not forget this very important aspect! The hands and feet have very frequent contact with all kinds of surfaces

Frequently asked questions about personal hygiene

What does individual hygiene entail?

Individual hygiene involves basic behaviour in your care. This means taking care of the cleanliness of your body as a whole.

How to take care of personal hygiene in different seasons?

The season does not matter when it comes to personal hygiene. Regardless of the season, it is good to take care of yourself and your health!

How necessary is body cleansing?

It is extremely necessary to be appreciated by those around you, but especially to have a high level of self-esteem. The most important thing is, however, that these activities ensure optimal health.

Can I get sick if I don’t take care of myself?

Yes. Often, certain ailments or diseases are caused by poor hygiene and negligence. To avoid this, try to keep this factor in mind and take care not only of your body, but also of your home, clothes and shoes.

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