I always hear people around me complaining. They complain about their health, the weather, their neighbor, their life partner, their children, etc. Every day they find reasons to complain and forget to see the blessings they receive. Some neglect their personal successes and only look at what is wrong and how lucky others are. Others are grateful only for a moment: when they achieve what they set out to do.

So today I thought I would give you 32 reasons to show gratitude even if you haven’t achieved yet what you wanted in life. You may find other, more personal reasons why you deserve to be grateful.

The benefits of gratitude:

  • When you are grateful, you stay focused on everything that is going well in your life.
  • It reduces your negative emotions such as fear, anger, jealousy.
  • Gratitude helps you to have a positive attitude even when things seem to be going worse. You will thus keep your mind open to new opportunities in all the trials you go through.
  • It helps you see yourself as a valuable person.
  • Reduce stress because you no longer focus on what’s wrong but see the good side of every situation.
  • Your health is better when you are grateful. Many illnesses are caused by negative emotions and thoughts, and if they are reduced, then health improves. The way we think is therefore essential.

So, here are my 32 reasons to show gratitude

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Be grateful for:

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  1. That you exist and wake up to a new day of life. There are millions of people who are no longer alive today. Life is the greatest gift you have ever received from God. Your birth is a blessing, so enjoy life and make it matter to you and others.
  2. The freedom you have. Whether we are talking about physical freedom – or freedom of speech – mental freedom or decision-making. Think that there are millions of people on the planet who do not have this freedom. Appreciate this gift!
  3. Your health is another reason. Many times you only realize the importance of health when you lose it, but often you do nothing to keep it.
  4. The creativity you show. Every idea you have is a divine spark, because we were created to be able to create. It’s up to you how you use it. You can be like the one who received five talents and made another five, or the one who received one talent and buried it. (Gospel of Matthew 25:14-30)
  5. Your memory. Maybe you’re complaining that you started forgetting. But I recommend you watch the movie Always on the First Date (original title 50 First Dates) with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore to see what your life and your loved ones would be like if you don’t know what you did yesterday or how old you are, what friends we made you, if you should start your day every day watching a movie with your life to remind you who you are, that you have a family, etc.
  6. All external senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell, tactile sense. There are millions of people who do not have one or two of these senses.
  7. Pain. Because pain means growth, change. In addition, it warns you that something is wrong in your body and you can intervene to fix the problem. Imagine that lepers do not feel pain. They can lose parts of their body without feeling it.
  8. The troubles and sufferings you experience. Every trouble or suffering hides a lesson that if you do not learn in time, it is repeated until you understand. Every suffering makes you stronger, according to the saying “What does not kill you, strengthens you.”
  9. The sun that rises daily. Maybe you don’t feel like working today. Maybe you feel like sleeping until noon. But he works. It shines and gives light and warmth throughout the Universe. He helps many processes on this planet that you enjoy, even when you don’t feel like working.
  10. The sunset that offers spectacles to those who want to admire it, to immortalize it, but which announces that a daily cycle of life is coming to an end and most of life, including man, must rest.
  11. Drinking the water you drink. There are millions of people on the planet who do not benefit from this invaluable and vital resource.
  12. Falling rain helps plants grow, or cools the soil. I hear a lot of people, especially from urban areas complaining about the rain. About a third of the Earth’s surface is covered by deserts. And in the deserts it rains every few years or even decades. Or worse, it hasn’t rained for hundreds of years. It hasn’t rained in the Atacama Desert in South America for 401 years, between 1570 and 1971. Can you imagine 401 years without a drop of rain? Then enjoy the one you receive!
  13. Grass and trees that grow and leaf and bloom. Which provides oxygen for us to live, provides food resources for humans and animals, wood resources and many other benefits.
  14. Rivers that flow and collect streams and take them to the sea or ocean. And that provides water for drinking, for industry, for agriculture and much more.
  15. The seas and oceans of the planet because they are the source of vapors for the rains that fall on land, are the means of transport between continents and countries, are full of other very useful resources and very exploited by mankind and whose use you also benefit.
  16. The variety of plants and animals and resources on this earth that we use every day for food, entertainment or study.
  17. The variety of landscapes on earth that offer tourist attractions and more.
  18. For those who have made these landscapes accessible either through tourist facilities, or through roads and means of transport, or through filming and photography, or through their publication and publicity. You may not have a chance to get to the Colorado Grand Canyon, or Everest Peak, but you can see a movie, look at some pictures and feel like there.
  19. The cycles of nature that work and that we know or not, but that ensure the proper functioning of life on earth and that you also enjoy.
  20. Soil that produces food for humans and animals.
  21. People who work the soil and produce the fresh food you need.
  22. That people are so different in thinking, skills, passions and activities. This creates a huge connection and interdependence between us, which we apparently do not see. From two people to millions and even billions of people can enjoy the fruits of one’s labor.
  23. The variety of trades that have determined that each person has a place under the sun and can support his life by giving to others what he produces, receiving or buying from others what they produce. You have a profession that benefits others, just as you enjoy the results of the work of others with professions other than your own.
  24. People’s ideas and because some worked on their ideas until a new concept emerged, a new product through which the world progressed.
  25. The equipment and technique you enjoy and with which you make your life easier and more beautiful. Whether we are talking about the automatic washing machine, food processors, or television, computer and internet, online games, etc., each appliance or technique has been designed to make the work and life of those who use them easier. So do yours.
  26. The music that others have composed you also listen to and it produces pleasure, joy, peace, or energizes and motivates you.
  27. The movies you watch help you relax, watch a story, learn something from them.
  28. The books you read. Because someone thought of you that his experiences would help you and he wrote that book. And because you had something to buy it with or you have a friend who lent it to you.
  29. That you can read. Imagine that there are millions of people who cannot receive education, or who are not allowed to receive education. This is the case of black slaves in the US past, this is the case for many women today in Third World countries.
  30. The motivational CDs you listen to. Someone thought of inspiring you with his experience, not to walk on a minefield, but to follow in his footsteps. To be able to use the experience of others to make it easier for you to get where you set out to be.
  31. All the people who do their duty at work and make things work.
  32. All the things that don’t work and you’re unhappy with. That means you need it there. What displeases you may actually be your calling. Follow her!

“Gratitude brings the mind closer to the source of the blessings. The law of gratitude is the natural principle that tells us that action and reaction are always equal and have different directions. The effort of gratitude made by your mind is a release or a consumption of power; it will certainly reach the one to whom it is addressed, and the reaction is an instantaneous movement towards you. Ungrateful thoughts overwhelm you with dissatisfaction with the way things are now. Don’t waste time thinking or talking about defects or wrong actions of trustworthy plutocrats or tycoons. They organized the world in such a way that it gave you a chance. ”

Now it’s your turn:

  • Identify at least five reasons for gratitude that you have ignored so far.
  • Practice gratitude daily.
  • Do it with a friend of yours.

I hope you found this article helpful. If so, please like and share it! If you feel it, you can leave a comment, otherwise you can contact me!

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